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Color: Alderwood
Outside Dimensions: Approx. 7 ½"” x 8 ½”" Rectangle
Inside Dimensions: 6 1/16" x 8 1/16”"
Frame Border: 7/8"
Total Depth: 5/8"
Lip Depth: 1/4"
Tile Size: 6”" x 8”"


Tile not included!


This Tile Frame without backing is perfect for displaying your tile artwork elegantly. this product lends itself to incredible design opportunities. Because of easy tile installation, you’ll be able to create refined pieces that will wow and impress. The light tan finish has a nice sheen and does not distract from your artwork. The Tile Frame is the perfect backdrop to a store bought or hand painted 6”" x 8" tile. This wood tile frame is made of high quality sturdy wood and has a drilled keyhole in the back for hanging and pads on the bottom to protect surfaces when laying flat.




*Made In Taiwan



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